Monday, July 4, 2011

Ubuntu & Home Media Server

It was pending for long. Downloaded 11.04 and made a USB installer. Boot the system from USB - you have to change booting option (F2 during startup). I already have Vista installed - so I tried just plain booting from the USB. It's real fast and simple. However, making it bootable from the hard disc - dual bootable - Vista and Ubuntu takes time as my hard disc was not partitioned earlier. Hmmmmm - this really takes time.

It is all set now. Anyone can do - absolutely lay man's job.

My next step would be to set up a media server. Did some basic research - looks like UPnP - MediaTomb is doing good. Vineet & I talked briefly about having a media server for our small apartment community - let's see how it comes up. If you have done this before - share your experience and knowhow.

July 9 - Installed MediaTomb - installation is pretty straight forward. However, I had trouble in figuring how the client (player) will find the server. Vineet figured out that IGMP protocol needs to be enabled on the server side. MediaTomb FAQ site has the details on how to enable IGMP.

Great! It's up and running now! Thanks Open Source -:)

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