Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lets Call It Vision Assam 2020

Over 35 million people, 800 plus tea gardens, mighty Brahmaputra and abundant water resources; 10 universities & equal number of institutes of higher learning in technology and medicine, endowed with resources like natural gases, petroleum, limestone and other minerals, good demographic diversity, high literacy rate, diverse flora and fauna, suitable agricultural climate, great wild life and one horn rhino, surrounded states having rich unexplored natural beauty, rich cultural heritage (not to forget Dr Bhupen Hazarika), and more than one decade of stable political environment. Still amidst this abundance we are lagging behind in economic development.

Take any sector - Tourism, Healthcare, Education, IT & ITES, Knowledge Industry, Agri, Power,  overall employment generation  etc. etc. and we are just not there! Even state like Orissa is ahead of us now.

What we, as general citizen, can do about it?
Put forward our ideas/ thoughts, play the role of a catalyst and act as a think tank. Mobilize intelectia and responsible media to raise societal awareness on these topics and in the process help authorities and society at large to come up with actionable plan.

This is the backdrop for Sunday, 4th Nov evening. Let’s discuss on what should be our collective vision. Vision for next 10 years. Call it Vision Assam 2020. 

Due to various constraints we will not be able to invite all. But please share your thoughts/ ideas & will get in touch with you.