Friday, September 23, 2011

NASSCOM RIM Conference & Two Interesting News today

Indian IT Industry association NASSCOM organized a two day Infrastructure Management summit at Bangalore on September 21 - 22. At the end of 2 day, when I came out, I was literally  cursing myself why did I spend 2 days here - pretty disappointing! Expectation was to understand current issues, new technology, market dynamics, case studies on new approach (self healing, self management etc) on Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) & associated services - like CLOUD etc but most of the speakers spent time either giving "gyan" or narrating their company. However, highly energetic Dr Anil Memon from Cisco broke the monotony by delivering a thought provoking speech but not on the subject.  Bob Beauchamp from BMC was exception as well.

Anyway, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) & CLOUD are the buzzwords in current IT space. While there is a tremendous market potentialities - Verizon predicts $150B by 2020 from current $10B but question is from Indian IT perspective how do we prepare ourselves for a bigger pie of this. Do we continue to take the cost arbitrage approach or we look for alternatives. Here goes the 2nd interesting news that came today - "Using humanoids, IPSoft making the low-cost business model of Infosys, Wipro and IBM look like relics of the past" 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Desire Vs Decision

 Bharat Goenka, Founder of Tally, explained the difference between desire & decision in a recent conference on global shared services centers organized by Zinnov in Bangalore. He said ...
Many a times to meet project deadlines we work very hard and as a result we stay late at work. No matter whatever the time is at the end of the work we eventually reach home. That is because we made a Decision within that no matter whatever happens at the end of the work we need to be at home. Instead, if we have a Desire than we would land up in neighbor home.
Most of us, including me, are unable to convert our desire to decision.
I have been using these 2 words for sometime and many of you have asked me to explain. So, hope this helps and let me know if you guys have found a good technic to convert desire to decision!

Two Interesting Article This Morning ...

1. Some of you might have heard about this start-up by name "Narrative Science" or might have heard about what they are trying to do - Converting Data into Stories. If not read this post in today's (September 19, 2011The Economic Times about how "A software that turns raw data into news articles".

2. VJ narrated his thoughts about  Reverse Bidding almost a year back. He spent some time and was checking if idea looks promising particularly in India eCommerce space. I introduced him to Vineet - an entrepreneur by himself and keep exploring new ideas/ thoughts. VJ didn't pursue further - he got into the typical problem of Desire Vs Decision (will write about this later). The subject came up again with Vineet in our last weekend blabbing sessions - this is high potential area looking into how Indian eCommerce market is saturating and getting accepted. Flipkart is now valued $1B.But there is tremendous competition - so reverse bidding make perfect sense. Here is a story from Times of India about this is growing - Bid online for bookings.

Question is, not for VJ, how do you convert the Desire to a Decision!