Thursday, June 3, 2010

Look at Karnataka & Yeddyurappa

Look what Mr. Yeddyurappa is doing at Bangalore. On the first day of Global Investor Meet he made Karnataka reacher by well over 3 Lakh Crores which is expected to create 2 lakh new jobs. Also see who are attending - name any who's who of Indian Industry - you will see them here.

Can we not export some of these thoughts to Saikia, Sarma, Bordoloi? When I asked some of the selfless people in Guwahati (at times these people are also known as idiot) recently about what Saikia, Sarma are doing thay said in the lack of such ideas they are only listing to Gohain, Bora, Choudury ...... And people who confront them (at least in public) are still shouting Jai Aai Asom!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anything in moderation is good!

Do you agree to this - anything in moderation is good? Sucess, failure, anger, love, hate, money, pain, position, .... including life span. Some one told me - this is a mediocracy mentality. But think for a while.

However, problem is how do you maintain moderation?