Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ruby is good but Lua is ...

Someone said, if you are bored of doing the daily chores learn a language. Someone else said if you are becoming dull learn a language. So I did - I picked Ruby. This also coincides with my thought of how do we (developers) become more productive - is there a better productive language than Java!
I took few hours to set it up - mostly due to Eclipse Ruby plugin - failed couple of times due to proxy setting. Thanks to Srinivas (one of the Architect in my team) who pointed me to proxy setting. With that done I started looking into the language and get going with "Hello Ruby!" program. My first impression was "Ruby is good". Now I think it is "Ruby is beautiful"!

While I am continuing my Ruby journey and I was also looking at the popularity of the language and eventually checked the ranking of Ruby - at programming community indexRuby ranked 12. Not bad. But look at the language just above Ruby - at rank 11 is Lua. In terms of popularity gain Lua is 2nd position below objective-C.

Will dirty my hand on Lua as well but if you are a developer keep looking at programming community index.

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