Monday, June 27, 2011

Business of API & Data

Application Programing Interface, in short, API is very common term for any software professional. Once, one cross "Hello World" or "This is my first program" in the programming worlds - you get to the world of APIs. These low level programing constructs are becoming business drivers in the world of web beyond browser.

Look at these 3 company in this space - Apigee, BlueVia & Mahery.  They all manage APIs and  help developers in building application using these APIs. Intersting enough that BlueVia is a spin off from Telefonica  - a large telecommunication company.

ProgrammableWeb, directory of API and Mashup listed 3375 APIs and 5886 Mashups as on today. You can look for API and start using.

So, is this is a new business model? From developing a web to developing APIs. API-as-a-Service. Looks like future will be on using the APIs to mine the data and build innovative apps based on these 2!

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