Monday, June 16, 2014

Love for Likes

We just came back from a fantastic family vacation  - Paris, Lucern and Rome. Much needed & all 4 of us thoroughly enjoyed the trip . But that's not what I want to tell you today!

During our vacation, even though we were (three of us - my son is not yet a digital native w.r.t WhatsApp and Facebook)  in WhatsApp, we blackout Facebook. Once we got back home my wife uploaded the vacation pictures in Facebook. And magic begins. "Like" messages started flowing like a Seine river. Some of them with comments. Happiness I observed was much more than the actual trip! Momentarily for a day she was little upset because one of her friend didn't press that precious like button. The moment that like came in the joy was stupendous.

I am still figuring out what magic "like" has. But if you are active in Facebook and your friends post picture don't wait just hammer that "like" button. Your hammering  gives enormous joy & happiness to your friend (and money to Facebook).

Keep liking because WE ALL LOVE IT!

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