Monday, May 19, 2014

That's Why I love You

This is what I wrote to Arup da (da : elder brother in Assamese)  this morning. Arup da (Dr Arup Misra) is one of them who have influenced me in my life so far. I am compiling the list of people who have influenced me in someway or other in my journey so far. I am indebted to them - will publish this list some day.
With Absar da and Arup da
If you write or have written computer programs then you probably know what is syntax and semantic error. All most all IDE (integrated development environment – an editor where one writes software code), helps with syntax error – it highlights wrong syntax. Syntax error is like spelling mistake. Computer program can’t have syntax error – computer doesn't understand wrongly spelled words or statement. Likewise, most of the text editors, like Microsoft Word, highlights wrongly spelt word (e.g. :  wrongle). Similarly, like IDE, text editor also doesn’t understand semantic errors.  E.g. the following Python program is perfectly correct

def add(a,b):
    print (a*b)
add (2,5)

But it should have been (a + b) instead of (a * b).  Similarly, if you write she is a naughtily boy in Microsoft Word it doesn't complain. Or if you write I was in the book lunch program this morning it doesn't complain. Today we are so dependent on the editors or IDEs that we ignore such nuances. (I do make such mistake even when I'm careful -:(

So, how do we handle this problem? First option is to have an editor which can understand semantics or context. Lot going on in this space but nothing very concrete is available that I’m aware off. Second option, you need Arup da to point out such errors. Very meticulous in what he does. He has helped me multiple times in pointing out semantic errors. Arup da has also helped & guided me in several other things – those are for some other time. So, I wrote to him today “that's why I love you.”

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