Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Weekend Again

It's Saturday afternoon here! I am enjoying  cocktail of Backstreet Boys, Rabin Goswami along with Bhupen Hazarika and Carly Jespen and thought of sharing few interesting post that can burn your weekend fat.

1. Big data is invading everywhere with variety, velocity and volume. Soccer Embraces Big Data to Quantify the Beautiful Game. Adidas' miCoach data tracker can be embedded in players uniforms to collect and analyse real time data about the player when he/ she is in the field. 
We’ve always had lies, damned lies and statistics,” said Timbers assistant coach Amos Magee. “For example, just because a guy is covering a lot of ground, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s smart running or that he’s in the right place at the right time. That’s a statistic that needs to come with experience. So some of these measurements are going to be useful, but some aren’t. We’ll just have to see which ones fill a void.”
In that capacity, miCoach readings will fit right in with the rest of soccer’s statistics. There’s another school of thought, however, that presents an even warier eye.

“Soccer is so much art, and art is impossible to measure, like music or dance or paintings,” said Hackworth. “The beauty of our sport is that there are so many creative, imaginative and skillful moments, and you’ll never be able to truly quantify that.”
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p.s. In case you are interested to get a quick bite of what is Big Data -> here it is!
2. This one is specifically for Rabin, Dhruba, Ratul, Arup da,  Mrinal .. The Benefits of Middle-Age Fitness
You may not live longer because of this but will live better. 

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3. Recently, I met 50 just passed out engineering graduates. I experienced the validation of this post after spending one hour with them. Eight Products the Facebook Generation Will Not Buy
  1. email
  2. Beer
  3. News paper
  4. Landline phone                    

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