Friday, September 23, 2011

NASSCOM RIM Conference & Two Interesting News today

Indian IT Industry association NASSCOM organized a two day Infrastructure Management summit at Bangalore on September 21 - 22. At the end of 2 day, when I came out, I was literally  cursing myself why did I spend 2 days here - pretty disappointing! Expectation was to understand current issues, new technology, market dynamics, case studies on new approach (self healing, self management etc) on Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) & associated services - like CLOUD etc but most of the speakers spent time either giving "gyan" or narrating their company. However, highly energetic Dr Anil Memon from Cisco broke the monotony by delivering a thought provoking speech but not on the subject.  Bob Beauchamp from BMC was exception as well.

Anyway, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) & CLOUD are the buzzwords in current IT space. While there is a tremendous market potentialities - Verizon predicts $150B by 2020 from current $10B but question is from Indian IT perspective how do we prepare ourselves for a bigger pie of this. Do we continue to take the cost arbitrage approach or we look for alternatives. Here goes the 2nd interesting news that came today - "Using humanoids, IPSoft making the low-cost business model of Infosys, Wipro and IBM look like relics of the past" 

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