Monday, September 19, 2011

Desire Vs Decision

 Bharat Goenka, Founder of Tally, explained the difference between desire & decision in a recent conference on global shared services centers organized by Zinnov in Bangalore. He said ...
Many a times to meet project deadlines we work very hard and as a result we stay late at work. No matter whatever the time is at the end of the work we eventually reach home. That is because we made a Decision within that no matter whatever happens at the end of the work we need to be at home. Instead, if we have a Desire than we would land up in neighbor home.
Most of us, including me, are unable to convert our desire to decision.
I have been using these 2 words for sometime and many of you have asked me to explain. So, hope this helps and let me know if you guys have found a good technic to convert desire to decision!

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  1. Interesting! Pretty Interesting, Indeed!

    Amitabh | Singapore