Monday, November 29, 2010

Working with two Cs

Couple of decades back these people, peopel who work with these 2 Cs were known as geeks. Sometimes even nerds. They are nerds because they are so engrossed with their device and their very difficult  to understand the medium of communication that they don't have time for anything else. They use langauages, their medium of communication, which are not very rich if we compare with the hazar languages that most homosapians uses to communicate. Their language doesn't have words or ways & means to express feelings, love, sorrow, fun, joy. Looks at the device they use - only handful of people understand this device out of 6.8 billion.

Yet these small set of people have created magic. Changed the economy, Changed the way we think. The way we communicate. Changed the world. They have changed the shape of the world - created a flat small world.  Merged east & west. Created Murthy, Nandan, Premji, Nadar,Jery,Nair, D'souza, ... Viswanath, Sabu, Naren, Sandeep, Ravi & Das. Couple of decade back these names were unheard in most part of the world. For some people these were tounge twisters. Today these are in thier mobile addressbooks. And there are bunch of drop outs. Does anyone really care about drop outs - yet these drop outs are today whos who in world economy. There are garage stores, like our favourite pan shops. Today these garage stores are occuping the main streets of the world centers. All these because of the 2 Cs - Computer and Code! Yet if I talk about these 2 Cs to my literature, economics, history, mathematics, hindi, biology, chemistry, physical training .... teachers they don't understand these well. This list also includes my beloved wife - Aparna. But they all appreciate this like anything - may be, at times, next to god. Amazing!!!

It is facinating. And I know for sure that it is facinating to some of you as well. Lets see if we can compile some simple notes about these 2 Cs for the people who doesn't have understanding about these 2Cs. May be some of you will argue that lot available - I will counter with simplicity. May be someone else will argue with why do they need to know - I will counter with the point if you know the system well you can use it better.

So, this is where I am now.  If you have any thoughts/ notes on this please send it to me.

... catch you later!

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