Monday, August 26, 2013

Metric - Measuring Me

I like metrics. I use it on daily basis - to measure the progress of project deliverable, to measure performance of my group, to check new hire progress, to monitor people churn, to check software defects, to check my how my mutual fund is progressing, and so many things. I use it to check parameters on my continuous improvements. But I still don't know how to measure myself - my life. If you love metrics and know how to measure life, please pass it it along.


  1. I don't think there is a yardstick to measure one's life......but if you have followed the moral principles set in your life, have a happy family, raised good kids....have loved the work that you have been a person worth living on this Earth, then you have scored nearly 100 percent!!

    1. Thanks Kakoli. Question is how do measure those - definition of good kid is different for different people? We try to measure, knowingly or unknowingly, everything in an objective way except our own life. Scores in school, salary in office, productivity, work progress, business progress national progress ... you name it. Except our own life. Bhutanese use GNH but this is more academic.

      I continue to look for an answer.

  2. Hi,
    Liked the brief post. Life can be measured and its in years, by default. If that's not your default, then guess you have to explain what you want to measure first. It needs thought but can be done. We'll just have to express it (the quality to measure) in something like a log scale. A logarithim has the default of 10 but can have anything as a base.
    Good writing! brother