Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home Communication Hub

Have been working on this idea for some time. Essentially it’s a combination of 3 things - video messaging, hyper local news & home utility computing. Brain storming on video messaging took us to video sticky - putting a video note for someone at home.

Here it is -
Its is a touch screen - may be 10inch and attached to the refrigerator. Have wifi or ethernet connectivity - a voip phone. Has a camera inbuilt - so you can make a video call. Since it has video capabilities, we extended the capabilities to video sticky. You can leave a video message to your spouse / kids / family member saying you will be back from your office early today - so let’s plan for a diner outside. Or tell your spouse that you didn't get time to put clothes in washing machine - or ...

So, when it is not doing video it act as a photo frame - so keep your favorite pictures.

Has an app - that fetches hyper local news based on your location. Be it local events, school news, crime, discounts in local stores, weather & what not ... Bye the way this will be a big thing – do a google and you will get plenty of stuff on this.

It’s also act as a home utility device. Has a family calendar, set reminders etc.

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